Exquisite Indian Cuisine - Gravesend

Welcome to our restaurant on behalf of the management and crew. During your visit, we hope you will enjoy our food and service to make your evening enjoyable.

We are now taking bookings for Christmas and New Years Eve. (Buffet available for big parties).

The story of Khan (The Head Chef)

I started working in the indian food industry at the age of 19. My first job role was a kitchen cook at my uncles restaurant based in cardiff. I was a complete amateur at the time but cooking was always my passion. It wasn't long before i learnt how to cook every dish on the menu. My uncle was a 1st class chief and teacher who showed me all his secrets. By the age of 23 i had opened my 1st restaurant in cardiff which turned out to be a huge success amongst the locals. I knew i was onto something big and that i could duplicate this level of success in a different area.

Soon after i moved back to london with my new found skills and decided to open up another restaurant in Hackney, near Bricklane which also turned out to become huge hit. It was about time i tried something different so i opened up an indian takeaway with a partner in Gravesend by the name of Rickshaw. This takeaway was also a huge success, word spread like fire and soon after most of gravesend knew about Rickshaw. Rickshaw still has regular customers since the past 10 years old. A lot of my customers kept recommending me to open a restaurant in Gravesend although that was my intention anyway. At the end of 2010 October Shapla indian restaurant was born and officially ready for business.